Comprehensive School Goals


School Wide Expected Outcomes

The First Methodist Christian School strives to teach the whole child. Students will know:













1.  The Scriptures provide instruction that God is living and active in the lives of people.

-The words and teachings of Jesus are relevant and apply to our lives today

-God is at work guiding, protecting, and watching over His people right now

2.  The Bible is God’s Word and the Holy Spirit helps us understand and obey what it says.

-God communicates to us today through the message of the Bible

-The Holy Spirit helps us know right from wrong in our conscience

3.  Integration of Biblical principles into all subject areas provides students and staff with a Christian worldview.

-Everyone’s greatest purpose in life is to know God and enjoy Him forever

-Everyday we do our best to see the world from God’s perspective

4.  God is one but we understand Him in three ways.

-God is our Father and we are His children; Jesus was God among people; The Holy Spirit guides us

in the right way

-In the same way that water has three properties but is still H2O; we understand God in three ways, but he is still

completely God

5.  God reaches out to us through the good news of his love, acceptance and forgiveness.

-Caring about others, treating others with kindness, and love shows others we are on God’s team

-Giving to others and sharing what we have with people in need pleases God

6.  It’s up to the parents to make sure the children learn about God.

-Our school is here to help and support parents in the learning process of their children

-Spiritual growth is as important as cognitive, social, motor, language-communication, approaches

to learning

7.  Character and lifestyle matter.

-Acting like a Christian is an outcome of spiritual growth

-Character is who you are, not a just a perception of what other people think

8.  Discipleship is a life long process.

-Having a thirst for life-long learning and searching after God helps us grow in wisdom

-Personal reflection and prayer have an important role in spiritual growth

9.  We are serious about learning.

-At the completion of the school year students will see one-to-one-and-a-half years of educational

growth exceeding learning gains at grade level

-Everyone will be challenged to their learning potential