Charleston Wrap Fundraiser

With over 1,500 quality items, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Whether it’s gourmet chocolates, gift wrap, home gadgets, baking dishes or more, the Charleston Wrap Catalog should be a great addition to raise funds for our school this year. Catalogs will be going home just in time for the kick off on October 1st. Online ordering options will make it easy to share with family and friends across the country, just visit and use school code 15414 . All orders will be due on October 12th and will be delivered before Thanksgiving.



Falcon Fun Glow Run

“A” is for Alligator

Mrs. Denise’s K3 class received a visit from Mr. Matt with the Alligator Farm (a former student of hers). Every year he brings his reptile friends by to say hello.

Back to School Meet & Greet

Thanks to all the families who joined us at our Back to School Meet & Greet.  It was a great start to the 2018-2019 school year!

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Middle School Awards Assembly

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Elementary Awards Assembly

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Flag Football Champions

Congratulations to our players and coaches on finishing their first ever flag football season as champions! WAY TO GO FALCONS!

Flag Football


Champions for Education

The City of Homestead recognized local Champions for Education at a special event this week. Our school was proudly represented by Mrs. Julie Brandt-Kenney as one of the Teachers of the Year and Mrs. Kellye Hager Rodney as one of the Rookie Teachers of the Year. Mrs. Cissy D’Azevedo and Mrs. Ann Marie DiStefano were honored with other retiring teachers for their many years of dedication to their students and the community.

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