Christmas Programs

We are so proud of all of our performers! Thank you to our Music teacher, Mrs. Desirae, as well as all the teachers and assistants who spent countless hours practicing with the students to make the shows a success and a blessing to our school!

Beginners & K3

IMG_0171 IMG_0170 IMG_0169 IMG_0168 IMG_0167 IMG_0166 IMG_0165 IMG_0164 IMG_0163 IMG_0162 IMG_0161 IMG_0159 IMG_0158 IMG_0157 IMG_0156 IMG_0155 IMG_0154 IMG_0152 IMG_0151 IMG_0150 IMG_0149 IMG_0147 IMG_0146 IMG_0144 IMG_0141 IMG_0140 IMG_0135 IMG_0130 IMG_0129 IMG_0128 IMG_0125 IMG_0124 IMG_0119



























K5, 1st, and 2nd Grade

IMG_0110 IMG_0108 IMG_0106 IMG_0103 IMG_0102 IMG_0101 IMG_0099 IMG_0096 IMG_0093 IMG_0092 IMG_0085 IMG_0084 IMG_0080 IMG_0078 IMG_0074 IMG_0072 IMG_0070 IMG_0069 IMG_0066 IMG_0055 IMG_0051 IMG_0048 IMG_0043 IMG_0038 IMG_0037 IMG_0036 IMG_0035 IMG_0033 IMG_0030 IMG_0028 IMG_0020 IMG_0019




























3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade

IMG_5621 IMG_5627 IMG_5630 IMG_5633 IMG_5634 IMG_5635 IMG_5637 IMG_5638 IMG_5640 IMG_5641 IMG_5642 IMG_5643 IMG_5646 IMG_5648 IMG_5651 IMG_5660 IMG_5664 IMG_5668 IMG_5669 IMG_5671 IMG_5672 IMG_5673 IMG_5674