Alumni News

We are proud of our long standing history in the community of providing a quality Christian education since 1953 and now have 3rd generation alumni families attending our school.

In 2013 we had our first graduating class of middle school students. These students and those graduating after them have gone on to successful high school careers in competitive magnet schools/programs and private schools, such as MAST (Medical Academy for Science & Technology) of Homestead, MAST (Marine Academy for Science & Technology) of Key Biscayne, Center for International Education (Cambridge CIE), Biotech High School for Zoology & Botany, Miami Arts Academy, and Westminster Christian School. Some of our alumni accomplishments include: Valedictorian, Silver Knight winner, graduating in the top 10% of their class, and receiving a perfect score on the SAT for English. Graduates have gone on to prestigious universities and colleges, such as Princeton University and the University of Central Florida.

When asked how FUMCS prepared them for their future endeavors, this is what our alumni said:

“Instilled a good work ethic within me and engrained the concept of unwavering integrity into my character”

“Fully prepared me to handle the amount of work given in high school”

“Prepared me to be steadfast in my beliefs and not waver despite a significant degree of negative external influence in high school”

“They gave me strong academic building blocks. They taught me all the basics to succeed in any class, and I took that into high school and succeeded. I will definitely use them the rest of my life. My education at FUMCS also reminded me of my faith in Jesus everyday and to remain faithful even when things get hard.”

“FUMCS prepared me by teaching me work/study skills, team work, and it gave me a faith based education which helped me grow and led me to Christ. It also provided better communication skills.”