Preschool & Elementary Students

FUMCS Embroidered Navy Blue or Red Polo.







20992773_10154820690096088_8309798775343209891_nMiddle School Students

FUMCS embroidered light blue, white, or light grey polo







All Students

Navy Blue or Khaki uniform style shorts, or pants only.  Girls may also wear skorts, skirts or jumpers with shorts under their jumpers or skirts.  Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers should be at the top of the knee.

Shorts/Pants/Skirts and Jumpers must be uniform style in khaki or navy blue. Leggings may be worn under shorts or skirts of an appropriate length and must be red, white, or navy blue.  No yoga pants, tight pants or jeans, or short-shorts are permitted.

Shoes must have a closed toe and heel as well as have rubber soles.  No sandals, slippers, flip-flops, or Crocs will be permitted.

Solid navy blue, red, heather or charcoal grey jackets, with or without a hood, which button or zip all the way down and have the school logo or school-approved logo (i.e. athletics, cheer, or drama) may be worn on cold days.    Hoods may not be worn indoors for any reason.  It is at the teacher’s discretion whether or not students may wear their jackets inside the classroom.

Dress-down day is every Friday. Students may dress-down according to the following guidelines every Friday for $2.00.

Dress-down Day Dress Code

On Friday’s as well as certain holidays and special occasions, students will be permitted to dress out of uniform (specific dates will be announced via the school’s weekly newsletters, websites, or Facebook). Clothing will need to be appropriate in length, coverage, and/or any graphic message. No image or wording that is suggestive or has a double-meaning is allowed.  Students who do not follow the guidelines will have to call their parents to bring them appropriate clothing and the student will receive an infraction for dress code violation.

Please Note:  Cold weather is not a reason to be out of dress code.  Students are to wear long uniform pants and may add layers under their polo shirts as necessary on cold days.  Jeans or other non-uniform pants are not permitted on non-dress-down days regardless of the temperature.